That's It

Born on Aotearoa’s wild west coast, where the waves pound, the wind howls and people know the value of a hard day’s work (or play), That’s It make epic skin care for the naturally adventurous.

As self-confessed adrenaline chasers, we kept searching for a natural way to treat the scrapes and scratches that come hand-in-hand with our active life. When we couldn’t find a solution, we decided to create our own – and That’s It was born.

Our mānuka oil-based products are as hard working as the people who use them and specifically designed to protect and heal in the most punishing environments.

That’s It’s not-so-secret super-power is our potent, 100% pure New Zealand That’s It Mānuka Oil. Understood and used for centuries by Māori, the extraordinary healing properties of New Zealand’s indigenous manuka shrub are now validated and verified by science – and harnessed by That’s It.

Just as important as what we put in, is what we leave out – anything that’s not needed! Our That’s It Mānuka Oil replaces a whole host of chemical nasties and we use natural bases like sweet almond oil, bee’s wax and shea butter. We select ingredients because they work – not because they look good on the label. This pragmatic approach means we make an exception to our natural only rule where sun protection is concerned – we just think SPF is a must-have for products designed to stand up to New Zealand’s harsh conditions.

All That’s It products are created with an absolute commitment to sustainability – making sure we’re looking after the land we love. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, tracks, trails or waves, That’s It has you covered. We have the good oil that delivers epic skin protection for the naturally adventurous. That’s it.