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When it comes to what we put in That’s It products there are only two rules.

  1. It’s natural
  2. It works

We are accidental natural skin-care specialists. For years we looked for effective, natural skin care products for our adventuring, outdoorsy family. That’s how we stumbled upon Mānuka and Mānuka Oil — and when all the pieces of the puzzle came together. We had the need, the desire and the land. That’s It was born.

What we love about Mānuka Oil is that there’s no compromise. It’s an amazing, all-natural ingredient that is powerfully effective. Unlike many natural products that are experiencing a boom in popularity, Mānuka Oil’s efficacy is based on more than anecdotal accounts and marketing magic.

As this 2020 review shows, there is a growing body of scientifically validated research that proves Mānuka Oil has a vast range of medicinal properties including being antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, insecticidal and photoprotective.

In other words that means That’s It Mānuka Oil has a huge number of versatile uses including; treating cuts and wounds, managing inflammatory skin conditions (including eczema and acne), helping to reduce signs of aging and aiding skin rejuvenation, offering protection against some of the damaging effects of UVB rays (namely reducing the appearance of wrinkles and loss of collagen). It’s also an insect repellent that, if you forget to put it on, you can use as a bite treatment!

Today there is a divide between “natural” and “pharmaceutical” treatments. On one side of the argument are those who have become increasingly concerned about the number of chemicals and synthetic compounds we put on and in our bodies. On the other, those who argue that the scientific validation of pharmaceutical treatments guards against being duped with natural concoctions that may be dangerous or at least ineffective.

The reality is – when it comes to Mānuka Oil and a surprising number of other plant-based remedies – it is not an either/or choice. Modern western pharmacology is rooted (pun intended) in plant medicine. Codeine, quinine, and morphine all contain plant-derived ingredients — in fact, more than 10 percent of the 250 drugs the World Health Orgation considers “basic and essential” are “exclusively of flowering plant origin”.

In Aotearoa, rongoā rākau was central to the traditional healing system pre-European Māori successfully used for centuries. Māori understood the incredible healing properties of the Mānuka tree and used it extensively.

At That’s It we have built a special vacuum distillery that allows us to produce our Mānuka Oil at lower temperatures. This (and the particular East Coast variety of Mānuka we have chosen to grow) means our Mānuka Oil has high triketone levels. Scientific research has time and time again shown that efficacy and elevated triketones are strongly linked.

Pre-European Māori didn’t have distilleries, researchers and laboratories. Instead, they measured efficacy by a very simple standard – results! They boiled the bark and leaves, inhaling the steam to treat colds and respiratory infections. Māori made teas and infusions with Mānuka and used them to treat an amazing array of different problems. It could be used as a sedative, a mouthwash if someone had oral health issues, or to settle stomach complaints, urinary infections and diarrhoea. It was known to reduce fevers and cure headaches. Gum from the tree was used as a moisturiser for burns, and to ease coughing. A poultice was made from the boiled leaves and bark and applied directly to the skin to treat wounds.

Pre-European Māori knew it. Science has proven it. We experience it. Mānuka Oil is an amazing natural ingredient that is highly effective. At That’s It we use this wonder plant to make high quality, all natural skin care products tough enough to stand up to anything your family or New Zealand’s great outdoors can throw at it.

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