Our Favourite Ways to Use

That's It Mānuka Oil

Clean out the wound completely. Dilute several drops of mānuka oil in a small amount of water, stir briskly then dab onto the area and cover with a plaster. Once the wound is clean, That’s It First Aid Gel is a longer lasting alternative specifically designed to hasten healing.

Apply with a cotton ball twice daily. Continue to apply for 5 days after visible signs of infection have gone.

Add 10 drops to your normal shampoo and massage into wet hair and scalp. Leave for 5 minutes before rinsing out.

Add a few drops to a foot bath and soak your feet for 20 minutes daily.

Add a few drops to a steam bowl and inhale the vapour.

Mānuka oil is great at reducing inflammation and alleviating the pain of sunburn. Apply cold water to your skin (to remove the heat) and then gently rub oil onto the burn to keep it moist and help to relieve itchiness later on.

Apply a few drops to exposed skin to help keep bugs away. Rub in a few drops of mānuka oil, twice daily, until itching stops.

Add a few drops into a carrier (like your regular skin cream or moisturiser) and massage in to skin.
OR add a few drops to your bath for an incredibly relaxing soak.

Rub our First Aid Gel or Mānuka oil into feet three times per week.

Apply as a spot treatment directly to problem areas.